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Coin Currency Accounting Consultation

With our in-house accounting and reliable partners, we ensure that your crypto business is properly managed, compliant, and protected thanks to smart accounting. We’ll help you understand core questions before you start — such as how to create a token so that it is categorized best for taxation — and walk you through the processes and compliance requirements once you have generated your token.

Learn more about taxation support, audits, reviews, escrow tools to protect investors and your business, and even choosing the best location to base your business and run your ICO.

Thanks to our global experts, you get informed support in the best markets for you with specific guidance based on the most recent regulatory environments. 

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Not sure what records or processes you need to track for your hedge fund, crypto business, or your personal investments? What about accounting requirements for your C-Suite, advisors, and top investors?

With CPA Consultants, you will or we will help you understand what documentation is needed, the reporting tools that could help, and how to understand your taxable burden for multiple different situations or jurisdictions. Our team and partners can help review your operations and determine the best options for you to move forward, preparing for your costs and identifying areas where you can save.

Protect the cryptocurrency assets that you’re using as a smart investment. Get the best help to protect your business and your investors, no matter where on the globe any of you are.


Crypto funds are growing in popularity because of their ability to manage new kinds of capital to generate crypto gains and assets for your fund managers as well as your investors. If you’re potentially entering this realm, CPA Consultants has the right questions to ask and answer to best protect your capabilities to raise and use capital as well as manage the capital within regulations.

Our experts and partners can help you manage cryptocurrency mutual, index, investment, and other hedge fund variants. The structure of your fund and the volume of your trading — or the purpose of your fund — will help us determine the best deployment options for you.

We can generate the proper reports and techniques to help you with any transaction, trade, and distribution that all have a variety of tax, income, and reporting requirements.

CPA prepared returns designed to help you reconcile your crypto.

Bitcoin and several other Cryptocurrencies that followed are gaining real traction in the investment community. This is because Bitcoin has produced astronomical returns to its early investors. However, as more and more people are investing in Cryptocurrencies, the IRS is becoming more serious about taxing them. 

Cryptocurrencies are witnessing unprecedented growth as a lot of people have started investing their money. But most of the investors don’t know that every Cryptocurrency transaction is taxable, whether you are trading real money or just another cryptocurrency, all the transactions must be reported on your tax return.

Our CPAs are specially trained to handle Cryptocurrency taxes. You can count on us for your Cryptocurrency accounting and Cryptocurrency bookkeeping needs. With the help of the skilled professionals at CPA Consultants, you won’t have to worry about what you’ll need come tax time.

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