Appointment Confirmations

You will receive an email or a phone call from one of our representatives to confirm your appointment

We have service options which are best suitable for your needs; [please contact our office for additional information]

  1. Remote-Administration Access, 
  2. Onsite-Administration. 
  3. Remote-Administration with scheduled monthly onsite/office visits 
  4. On-demand requests 

Notices: Location Options 

1. CPA Consultants business location - 16501 Ventura Blvd, #400, Sherman Oaks, CA


2. Customer Location - customer to provide location. 


  • Minimum 4 hours required for onsite service request 

*For service pricing tier, please contact us

  • 1st-Hour of Consultation is Free. Your appointment confirmation will be provided to you by one of our representatives within 24 HOURS of your booking submission. 
  • Cancellation fee applies for "no shows" on confirmed appointments. To avoid cancellation fee, 48-hours notice to cancel is required

If you have an urgent need for an immediate appointment - within 3 days of appointment, please call our office and we will do our best to prioritize your service requirements. 

Send an email to for inquiries

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